Dub Siren - E-A-R DubShot
  • Dub Siren - E-A-R DubShot

    SKU: SIREN-001

    The dubshot is classic a analogue dub siren with a built in digital echo.


    Perfect for Dj performance and production.


    Add an authentic dub reggae vibe to your tracks and mixes. The Dubshot features 7 controllable parameters as well as 3 hot switches for added the flexibility to take the usually simplistic device to the next level.


    Controls include Oscillator Pitch, LFO Speed, Shape and Depth alongside a voume control and two delay/echo parameters: Time and Repeats. Between these controls the dub shot can produce a wide range of tones, sirens, wobbles and pitched fx sounds.


    Supplied with a 9v UK power supply.


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